Our plans for the Memorial flight


The Memorial flight celebrating the operations of CFRNA/CIDNA, the first passenger airline in Central Europe is quickly approaching.


The first ever CFRNA/CIDNA Memorial flight 2019 will be flown in September 2019 in two parts. The first part will start on September 7 at 10.30 when some 7-8 aircraft will fly to the East from the historical airport of Prague Letňany (LKLT). Prague Letňany airport is located just across the road from the original airport of Prague Kbely which was used for CFRNA/CIDNA operations and aircraft maintenance.

The departure will form a part of Open doors day of Prague Letňany airport at which some 10-15 thousand visitors are expected. The Open doors day at Prague Letňany airport will be organised as a French day featuring Laetecore and Citroen companies together with CFRNA/CIDNA.

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After Departure from Prague – Letňany the Memorial flight aircraft will fly South-East to Vienna Vöslau (LOAV). The next leg will then take them to the historical Budapest – Budaors airfield. Then Szeged (LHUD), Arad (LRAR) and finally to Bucharest Baneasa airport (LRBS).


At most of the airports the participants will meet local aviators and other personalities. During the stop at Vienna Vöslau the participants will visit the local aviation museum and then depart for Budapest Budaors airfield. After a tour of the beautiful Budaors airfield the aircraft will be refuelled and the crews will spend the night in Budapest and possibly visit the site of the now dysfunctional original airfield Matyásfold in the East of Budapest where CFRNA/CIDNA aircraft used to land.


In the morning on Sunday, September 8, the Memorial flight will continue via Szeged to the Romanian airport of Arad where a public display of the aircraft and possibly a presentation of the CFRNA/CIDNA history will be organised. Then, on Monday morning the Memorial flight will continue to Bucharest-Baneasa airport.

There the participants plans to meet with airport, aviation, media and other personalities and visit the historical places reminding us of the CFRNA/CIDNA operations. All the participants will then leave Baneasa on Tuesday morning and return to their respective home airfields.

The second part of the Memorial flight will depart on 19 September at 09.00 a.m. again from Prague Letňany airport. The planned route is Prague Letňany (LKLT) – Strasburg/Neuhof (LFGC) – Paris/Les Plessis Belleville (LFPP) – Strasbourg/Neuhof (LFGC) – home base airports.

The participants will be landing twice at Strasbourg Neuhof. On the way to Paris they will need to refuel here. On the way back from Paris they will participate in the Open doors day of Strasbourg Neuhof airport. Also, a welcome at the Strasbourg Townhall is being organised for the whole group. At Paris/Les Plessis Belleville the participants will be meeting with the members of the Air France aeroclub and probably also with the members of handicapped pilots´ aeroclub.


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